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FREEDOM and adventure


Let’s keep your tourism company on the smooth path to success. Segway may be gone, but TRIKKE is here to stay.


The unexpected abandonment of SEGWAY flagship product has left countless clients LIKE YOU wondering what’s next for their tourism operations or how they can fill this technological void in their business.

Thankfully, the solution is already here.

TRIKKE is a long-established personal mobility solution company dedicated to providing professional electric personal vehicles for commercial tour clients.


TRIKKE Featured Tour Operator
Carolina Touring Co.  Raleigh, NC (former Triangle Glides Segway)– switched to TRIKKE in 2017 and never looked back.

“Since the Segway i2 and the TRIKKE have the same width, they still work on our local sidewalks. Because TRIKKE is better suited to the street than the Segway, it gives tours much more flexibility to not have to stay on the sidewalks. It’s freed us up to expand our tour routes. Trikke is easier to train, ride and is far more stable than the Segway. Maintenance costs are also a fraction of Segways. Tour insurance is much cheaper. Many, many benefits.”

Todd Masinter

Owner, Carolina Touring


Fun, easy and enjoyable way to tour around town.

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