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Find the right replacement tube for your Trikke CV. See below specfications.


Spare tubes will be a valuable addition to your travel pack.

Find the right size for your Trikke CV. Prices vary per size.

TB-001 TUBE 12″x 2.25″ – Model T12
TB-003 TUBE 8.5″ x 2″    – Models T67cs, T78cs, T78Air, T78 deluxe, T8Air or T8 Sport

also Rear 36v LITE (Fitness tire)
 TB-008  TUBE 228mm x 50mm – Freedom (r Colt
TB-006 TUBE 10″x 2″ – Front 36v (Fitness tire), Model T10
TB-010 TUBE 65/80-6 (10″x2.5″)   –  Front Pon-e 36v or 48v  tube
TB-009 TUBE 65/80-5.2- (9.5″x2.5″) – Rear Pon-e 36v or 48v tube

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in
Tire Size

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49 reviews for Tubes

  1. To Bernadette Rivera From Alex Luna

    Thanks for changing the shipping address before my items got shipped to the wrong address.

  2. Brian B.

    needs sealint in tubes for price

  3. Glenn

    Superior product

  4. Ann Garwick

  5. Gregory R. White

  6. Frank Garcia

  7. Donna B.

    It will not hold air.

  8. Antonin

  9. Shan N.

  10. Charles Fitch

  11. Anonymous

  12. William Y Hada Jr

    Loved how quickly they arrived! Thank you!

  13. James Richard

  14. Rodney


    I ordered and received last spring 2020

  16. Geoffrey

    Tubes fit, not tube failures except when the tires get worn completely through. And with the high pressure, when they go it can be pretty attention grabbing.

  17. Edward B.

  18. Myron

  19. Kent Schuyler

    A little pricey

  20. Kenneth D.

  21. glenn seaver

  22. Mark

  23. Anonymous

  24. Bart Owens

  25. James Rowe

    Wish shipping was less but happy with products.

  26. Rick Rochna

  27. Margaret W.

    Just what I needed. I got the tube faster than I expected and I am riding my Trikke again.

  28. Keith T.

    Kept me updated every step of the way and the product showed up when they told me it would. Would be a five star review but I felt that the shipping costs were very high for this product.

  29. Barb Brannon

    Great service.

  30. Amanda S.

  31. charles cawthon

    Quick shipping

  32. Anonymous


  33. James Richard

    Good product, fast service. Appreciate your support!!!!

  34. Michael Lastufka

    Best – thickest – tubes and they don’t need an angle nozzle adapter. Unfortunately when a tire only has 3-mm of tread, lots of things penetrate it. Have used innertube guards, but even if not penetrated, they still bubble out the puncture hole and wear through in no time. Will try Locktite Shoe Glue and slime on some punctured tubes to see if that holds.

  35. bryan Duncan

  36. Olive

    Really quick delivery.

  37. Rafael C.

  38. Anonymous

  39. REX V.

    The website is a little difficult to navigate, but the items ordered came in a timely manner. I’m very unhappy that human powered trikkes are no longer being offered, I really wanted to upgrade!

  40. Jeffrey A Bell

    These tubes seem to be excellent. I wish they were a bit less expensive, though.

  41. Mary Corp

  42. Ezequiel Gomez

    It was what I need and I’m glad you still selling

  43. Stevenson, J.

    appreciate the help in finding the proper tube and size

  44. Senad Sarajlija

  45. Anonymous

    An excellent customer service!

  46. Charles Becker

    always quick attentive service !

  47. Bradley Goddard

  48. Jay

    This is exactly what I needed and it was easy to find.

  49. Phillip Demarest

    $19 shipping for a less than one pound inner tube that cost $20. I’d rather sell my trike next time I need something from you. Gouging.

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