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Find the right replacement tube for your Trikke CV. See below specfications.

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Spare tubes will be a valuable addition to your travel pack.

Find the right size for your Trikke CV. Prices vary per size.

TB-001 TUBE 12″x 2.25″ – Model T12
TB-003 TUBE 8.5″ x 2″    – Models T67cs, T78cs, T78Air, T78 deluxe, T8Air or T8 Sport

also Rear 36v LITE (Fitness tire)
 TB-008  TUBE 228mm x 50mm – Freedom (r Colt
TB-006 TUBE 10″x 2″ – Front 36v (Fitness tire), Model T10
TB-010 TUBE 65/80-6 (10″x2.5″)   –  Front Pon-e 36v or 48v  tube
TB-009 TUBE 65/80-5.2- (9.5″x2.5″) – Rear Pon-e 36v or 48v tube

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in
Tire Size

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  1. To Bernadette Rivera From Alex Luna

    Thanks for changing the shipping address before my items got shipped to the wrong address.

  2. Brian B.

    needs sealint in tubes for price

  3. Glenn

    Superior product

  4. Ann Garwick

  5. Gregory R. White

  6. Frank Garcia

  7. Donna B.

    It will not hold air.

  8. Antonin

  9. Shan N.

  10. Charles Fitch

  11. Anonymous

  12. William Y Hada Jr

    Loved how quickly they arrived! Thank you!

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