Trikke Pon-e 48v FWD

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The Trikke Pon-e 48v is your personal urban mobility solution. Enjoy a ride that is emission free, has dynamic maneuverability, a stable riding platform, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and foldable frame.
The 48v battery provides up to 20 miles on a single charge.
350 watt motor for more uphill torque. 37lbs – 46lbs (with battery).

FWD – Front-wheel drive. Assembled in USA.




The Trikke Pon-e 48V is our long-range, high-torque personal transporter. Planning to ride in a hilly area or carry more weight? Then this is the model for you, perfect for getting around town, running errands, or touring and joyriding. This model is also robust enough to withstand the demands of rental operations as an electric rental and tour vehicle. Get hooked on a ride that delivers fun, fitness, and green transportation all in one package. You can also fold up the Trikke EV in seconds, stash it in your car, or carry it on the bus or train. Here’s a green commuter vehicle that really gives back every time you take it for a spin.

–    Foldable lightweight robust frame built with aircraft grade aluminum AL6061
–    Patented 3CV cambering system
–    Adjustable handlebar height
–    Dual disc brakes on rear wheels
–    Parking brakes
–    Aluminum rims with Abec5 sealed 6000zz bearings
–    Slick aerodynamic design fairing
–    Direct drive motor 48v 350W 550rpm (700W peak power)
–    48V-13Ah lithium-ion battery quick-swap battery
–    Charger 48v 2A
–    Controller 48v 15A sine-wave
–    Tire - Front: 65/85-6 slick tire  (inner tube required)
–    Tire - Rear: 65/85-5.2 slick tire (inner tube required)

–    Vehicle's Weight: 46lbs with battery – 37lbs without battery
–    Speed : max 17mph - 27Km/h
–    Range: up to 20 miles (32km) range
–    5h recharge time (full)

*     Suggested Weight Limit: 250 lbs
*     Suggested Height Range: 5' to 6'3"
*     Recommended Ages: 13+





Additional information

Weight 54 lbs
Dimensions 58 × 19 × 14 in

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10 reviews for Trikke Pon-e 48v FWD

  1. Forrester Rupp

    I’m a relative Old Guy (at 55) and former Surfer, and I had a chance to try out the Pon-e when a friend of mine (Mike Armstrong) brought his by, and it was the most fun I’ve had since I had to stop Surfing 16 years ago.
    I’ve been researching modes of Personal Transportation and what I found was, the Pon-e was simple to learn to use, and a natural desire to carve turns was easily turned into a reality, without a single worry of its use being hard to master. I literally just got on it and put it through some test runs in my parking lot to see how it performed/worked (I had never been on anything like it) and it was almost like surfing again (for me).It was a BLAST!!!!!!!

  2. R. Chavarrie

    we got 2 of these for roaming around the RV parks we stay at, very quick. They have a cool bag hanger in case you have to run to the store. Also you can buy accessories such as bright LED lights. They even work on grass and gravel, not sure if its recommended though.

  3. Jenard de Castro

    I use my Pon-E to get to work. I park blocks away to get the free parking. Then I use it to beat the parking enforcement when they start ticketing at 2am

  4. D. Probasco

    You don’t even have to think about any other options.
    I’ve been an avid motorcycle enthusiasts for 47 years,but the first time I rode the Trikke 48 volt LEV pon-e, I noticed something different . I was smiling, and everytime I ride the Trikke I’m still smiling. I’m having not just fun,I’m having a blast. Blasts are hard to come by at 69. I actually believe this scooter put some more time on my books. Can’t wait to get up and get going for my morning dose of BLAST! I don’t think you could be anything but happy while riding this amazing machine,and it’s so easy anyone can do it in a manner of minutes. Whoever came up with this idea, THANKS for the fun.

  5. ged

    I have had a couple Trikke T8s for several years, and decided to try the Pon-e 48v. I have been riding for about a month now, and these are my initial impressions.
    First of all, it is great fun, and thrilling to ride. Here in Arizona there are several places with wide sidewalks or paved bike paths. Although the Pon-e is capable of being ridden in a straight line, I much prefer to employ the same “downhill skiing” technique I use to propel the non-motorized T8. When leaning and digging into the curve, the feeling of control, and the fun, is so much greater than simply being “along for the ride.” Some of the techniques for the Pon-e are a little different from those used for the T8. Primarily, this involves leaning forward to distribute my weight more over the front wheel when starting. Otherwise, because of the power to the front wheel, it tends to spin a little before taking off. My youthful days of burning rubber on take-off are long over, and I want these tires to last as long as possible. Fortunately, it does not take long to master this nuance.
    I like the top speed governor on the battery unit.It allows me to set it at 3 or 4 MPH for my friends, or inquisitive strangers, who are novices, and allows them to get comfortable with being on the Pon-e, before switching to the 10 MPH speed. For me, I prefer the “off” position which means the top speed is not throttled back and controlled only by the right hand twist throttle.
    The nominal top speed, about 16 MHP, is impressive, and when helping with some serious body English, I have achieved around 18 MPH on a level surface. Of course, this means I have to be much more aware of approaching obstacles, since I have less time to react than with my T8, which averages 8-11 MPH. However, navigating around obstacles is half the fun! Riding up short rather steep inclines is no problem, whether tacking, or going straight. For longer inclines, getting into the S-curve is advisable.
    I neglected to order the custom rear view mirror with my initial order, but promptly recognized my error and place a follow up order. When traveling at a high rate of speed, I don’t want to have to turn around to be aware of approaching vehicles, etc.
    The most difficult thing so far is unlocking the fold/lock mechanism, to unfold and fold the Trikke frame. The mechanism seems a little tight, which is probably a good thing, but makes it a little tough to operate easily, especially with the fairing attached to the frame. I now keep a short strap handy, which I wrap around the knob, and this give me some leverage, which helps.
    Another word of caution is to be mindful of throttle when getting off or standing with the key still in the “on” position. A couple times I forgot that I was holding on to the accelerator on the right handgrip, and inadvertently twisted it, which caused my Trikke Pon-e to try to escape. Fortunately, no real mishaps, and I now know to make folks aware of this when they are lucky enough to ride my Pon-e.
    The maximum range of about 25 miles is great, and I have yet of run out of power. This is important because I have noticed that the front wheel, because of the hub gear, does not spin nearly as freely as the T8 front wheel. This drag, or resistance, makes riding the Pon-e, without power much like riding uphill on the T8, and I would not recommend it for long distances, unless you want a serious workout. It is fun, however to build up a head of steam under power, and see how long I can maintain it once I release the throttle.
    No maintenance challenges yet, but they seem a little more daunting, due the disc brakes and hub mechanisms on the wheels. I like the heavy duty tires, which hopefully means fewer tire changes.
    Overall, I am very happy so far with this new Pon-e 48v, and the Trikke Freedom I bought for my wife. Both are is great fun to ride. Like other Trikke riders, whether riding with battery, or human power, when I ride, I ride with a smile on my face.

  6. Trikke Guy

    It’s not an electric scooter. On a Pon-e, you’re not mere cargo, you’re a cyborg. Your spirit informs the beast you ride. The pricing is low for such high quality machinery. Electric bikes usually start at $2,500, so the Pon-e is far more fairly priced and delivers INTENSE THRILLS. Bikes are riskier to ride, bonk you with repetitive stress injuries, and bore you with the same damned muscle action endlessly droning. 7 cents of electricity gets you 20 miles – a world-class workout.

  7. bbsews

    About a month ago we were camping and noticed some people wiz by us on some Pon E 36v. At that moment my friend and I looked at each other with wonder…when they came around again, we stopped them and had questions.

    Well, 3 weeks passed and I was browsing a website when 2 Freedoms were being offered for sale. We went to see them and rode them…we could not stop smiling! We brought them home and had the neighbors smiling too…everyone that rides them says the same thing, “I want one.”

    I enjoyed mine so much that I quickly upgraded to the Pon E 48v. Shortly after that I bought a T12, T8, T78…we are addicted. I used to dread working out, but now I look forward to it..can’t wait to get on my Trikke at the end of the day to de-stress! Each model is a different ride…I don’t get bored with my Trikke…smiles all around!!

  8. Norris Polley

    I ordered this on my wife’s phone using my email and my credit card for our anniversary. It came in beautiful just like she wanted, however there was no keys and no instructions . I called customer service and they are sending us the keys, I was told we could get the manual online. It came up on my wife’s phone but before we could copy it it disappeared can you please send a copy either on my phone or in the mail it would be nice to get to use it. Outside of that it is exactly what she wanted. Will appreciate your help in this matter

  9. Terri Hingle

  10. Lindy Harper

    love the machine starting to carry second battery

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