Tire 8.5″ x 2″ air tire

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Trikke Tire 8.5″ × 2.0″  – LIMITED STOCK

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 4 in

37 reviews for Tire 8.5″ x 2″ air tire

  1. Tony Roberson

    Exactly what I ordered. Thanks for the quick response!

  2. Ann Garwick

  3. William Leeper

  4. Mitchell Robbins

  5. Russell

    Exactly what I needed and ordered.

  6. David

    The order came very timely, and then it came in again two days later. An order so nice, you sent it twice.

  7. Antonin

    Both products are perfect. I just don’t like your extremely high amount for Shipping and handling.

  8. Shan N.

    Purchase didn’t work on Firefox, had to use Chrome.


  10. Anonymous

  11. Todd

  12. Anonymous

  13. Penelope Dann

    No problem with the new tires you sent. Just a bit difficult getting the old tire off the rim!

  14. Len

  15. LANI I.

  16. Anonymous

  17. Geoffrey

    Ordering is easy, delivery is reasonable, shipping is ridiculous. Tire life is disappointing. I contacted Triike and they gave me an estimate of 500 miles. Riding daily a 13 mile loop, that translates to about 6 weeks for a set of tires. I’m going to try rotating every 125 miles to see if I can extend the life some, but even extending to 700 or 800 miles will still mean several sets of tires a year and that is poor in my opinion. Maybe the Triike is not meant to be a daily rider, which is sad because I actually really enjoy riding it. Get lots of comments. Was considering an e-Triike, but without significant improvement in tire wear there is no way. Maybe they should contract with Michelin to see if they can get a tire with a 2500 mile tread life warranty.

  18. Myron

  19. Kent Schuyler

  20. Mark

  21. Patrick H.

    Exactly what the doctor ordered!

  22. Henry Blackwell

    Great performance climbing inclines and nailing turns

  23. Theresa Ukaj

    Good tier

  24. James Rowe

  25. William Warm

  26. Alex S.

    The tire is good. I change my old tire using youtube instruction from Gildo’s instruction on youtube.

  27. Jung

    Exactly the same one that came with my original t78

  28. Barb Brannon

  29. Michael Lastufka

    Super fast delivery. My records show an average of about 500 miles per tire (this item). One I bought earlier this year is starting to show threads at over 950 miles! Another didn’t make it to 300. Lots of factors. Starting to miss the Colt slicks. Thanks for keeping us body-powered carvers going.

  30. Amanda S.

  31. charles cawthon

    Quick Shipping

  32. Michael Lastufka

    So far, still the best tire for T8, T78 since the slicks disappeared. When threads start to show, I “scab” them with Locktite Shoe Glue. Tougher than dried on bubble gum! My last set (3 tires) has been scabbed covering about 2 thread exposures per tire) for over 150 miles and the tires have now rolled about 760 miles! That’s 260 miles more than the 500 mile average life I used to get. Never understood why they only have 3-mm of tread, why not 5 or 6?

  33. Stevenson, J.

    appreciate the help in finding the proper tire and size

  34. John

  35. James Hauser

    I own a pair of T8 Airs retrofitted with 250W hub motors and 36V battery packs. I believe these are the first of the Trikke EV model line. These Trikkes have been well loved and used over the years, especially by my grandkids. I’ve replaced the rear tires many times and am glad they are still available. The three tires I ordered were well packaged and came on time along with the gift of a pair of gloves for help with tire installation. That was a nice touch. Thanks so much!

  36. Henry Blackwell

  37. Anonymous

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