Tire Slick 65/85-6 (10 x 2.5″) (Front Pon-e)

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TIRE 65/85-6 (10 x 2.5″)for Pon-e front wheel.

Recommended air tire pressure is 50-60psi

Very important to check the air pressure in the inflatable tires. Check it regularly, every 2 weeks. Use a pump with a reliable pressure gauge. Low pressure in the tires is the major cause of loss of performance either on body powered or electric versions.

Why Slick Tires?

The Trikke tires have a small diameter and have a round profile (not flat like a car). The resulting contact patch is the size of a quarter dollar coin. Also, Trikke is a cambering vehicle, which uses variable 90 degrees arch of contact.

The speed the vehicle travel is very slow and will not face aquaplaning issues. The torque on the wheels is very low and will not benefit from threads.

We have tested knobby and slick tires for the past 18 years, and the conclusion is that knobby offer an inferior traction on cornering, braking, slippery or wet terrain. Also the noise and vibration under your feet are very noticeable compared to the smoothness of the slick tires.

The slick tires proved to perform really well under all conditions, on and off road.
The consistency of the contact line enhances safety and traction at all conditions.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 2 in

5 reviews for Tire Slick 65/85-6 (10 x 2.5″) (Front Pon-e)

  1. Linda Nitzschke

    I always enjoy talking with Marney at Trikke when it’s time to order tires, etc. She knows the product and always has an answer for any questions I might have. I haven’t used the new slicks on my Trikke yet, but I’m sure they’ll work just fine, as I’ve yet to have any problems with any Trikke products. I highly recommend Trikke!

  2. james harte

    good tires , way overpriced

  3. Linda Nitzschke

    I always enjoy working with Marnie at Trikke. She is always very helpful and takes good care of me and my concerns!

  4. Stevenson, J.

    My converted T8 Air rides sooooo much better with these new tires

  5. Senad Sarajlija

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