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Introducing the Trikke T10 Roadster, a carving vehicle packed with the latest innovations in Trikke engineering. Designed to be a blend of the smaller T8 and the larger T12, the Trikke T10 Roadster replaces both models at the top Trikke Tech’s body-powered, carving vehicle lineup. As such, the T10 is built for long rides and a good workout and will become the largest body-powered frame available from Trikke Tech.


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New Trikke, new features!
Carve up the planet on an all-new body-powered Trikke with all-new body-powered features, including the following:

Hexagonal shaped pipe aluminum frame for enhanced strength and unique look.
• The deck is wider on the front end (like your foot), with a redesigned grip mat and rear fender with kick-tail.
• Improved and cool-looking alloy wheels featuring a reliable and almost maintenance-free drum brake.
• Upgraded steering headset with sealed bearings.
• A slick flat handlebar.
• New easy-up handlebar height adjuster that can be set to any position (no more pre-set holes with push-pin)
• V3 cambering mechanism (same as the Trikke Pon-e).
• Light threaded, high pressure, 10″x 2″ fitness tires.

The motivation for this particular size Trikke came from rider feedback, notes Beleski:

“The elusive T10 has been on the design board since 2007 because riders have been craving a Trikke that is a little larger than T8 but not as large as a T12, meaning the perfect size for an all-around ride—one with portability but made for endurance, a true fitness vehicle.”

The T10 is the culmination of decades of Trikke design and engineering by Beleski, who experimented with his first Trikke in 1990. Since bringing the Trikke to market in 2002, over half a million body-powered Trikkes have been sold. The Trikke T10 represents the latest iteration of the three-wheel wonder, replete with all “G” has learned about carving vehicles along the way.

Now you, too, can possess the latest, greatest joyride of the 21st century.

Product weight: 29lbs
Recommended Weight Limit: 250lbs

Read Q&A with Gildo Beleski – http://blog.trikke.com/trikke-t10-gido-beleski/

Additional information

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 51 × 19 × 11 in

8 reviews for T10

  1. David Beerman

    Love my T10; the T12 stance was always a bit too wide for me. PS, I just mounted bar ends (not shown here), first time on one of my Trikkes, and they work great for me. Seems like power steering for hill-climbing, and provides a good alternate position for hands & arms to avoid fatigue.

  2. Tomasz Dziedzic

    Gildo, I’m the first test now T10. I’m charmed, you’ve created a great product, the best, the coolest Trikke. For sure!! I congratulate and salute in front of you, your idea and the creation of this model. Bravo Gildo.

  3. Double Dub

    I am fortunate to live close to Trikke Tech that I arranged to pick up my All New T10. It is awesome! I was suppose to get a Black one but due to the mix up in China , I received a Blue.
    It’s a stunning blue! BONUS!
    The T10 took a couple of rides to adjust to, I regularly ride a T12. To date I have dedicated my carving to the T10 and have logged in 159.78 miles. It’s been an awesome good time! I look forward to many more miles ahead

  4. Douglass Weymouth

    From the exciting new design and engineering improvements the new Trikke T10 says “Ride Me”.

    My first opportunity to really ride my new T10 was on a trip to the Pacific Northwest in July. I had several trails I wanted to try it on and experience it’s new ride.

    In Oregon I found that the T10 works well on uphill climbs when you have to keep your carve narrow due to runners streaming by that we’re in a marathon. Climbed my favorite 5 miles and turned and rode down the 5 miles at very nice speed levels.

    In Washington I joined two other friends as we rode a 30 mile trail that is a former rail bed with nice easy grades. We all felt that the T10 was great for starting from stops and enjoyed the lower foot platforms.

    In British Columbia I rode the Seymour Valley Trail and was able to make the whole ride without stepping off on the first ride of the year for me. Usually it takes me a few attempts to achieve a completion. I felt that hillclimbing was easier for me than on my T12. I’m not totally sure why but I’m sure it has to do with the improved design features.

    I have been riding Trikke Carving Vehicles since 2008 and have ridden most of the models. I am not a top level rider but I have managed to finish a number of endurance rides at my own speed. I find the T10 to be all that I hoped it would be. Lower foot platforms, lighter weight and capable of smooth transitional turns. I recommend the T10 to all who desire the newest design in Body Powered Trikke Vehicles.

  5. Don Wile

    I’ve been riding Trikkes (T8 and T12) for over 10 years and the last one I purchased was a 2008 T12 model. When I received the T10 I was surprised at all the many improvements that have been made over the years. The T10 is very well built and feels solid. Everything on the T10 is first rate. The new hub brakes are the best of any Trikke model I’ve ridden. I love the way the T10 stays in one place when I lock the brakes. The straight handle bar is convenient for all the things I attach to it (iPhone holder, bell, bag …). All the screws utilize the same allen wrench which is very convenient. I like the style of the new foot pads which grip my shoe nicely. Changing tires is a snap and is easier than my T12 and far far easier than my T8. The handle bar height is easily adjustable with the new mechanism. If I had to change one thing it would be the location of the folding pins which I think might be more convenient if they were located on the outside of the arms.

    The T10 rides very smoothly and seems more efficient than my other models. I purchased the black model and was pleased how it diffracted light in the sun with a nice sparkling of colors…sweet. The T10 is an excellent well built machine you will be proud to own.

  6. Gregory White

    Excellent products and service.

  7. Patrick G.

    This Trikke is a heavy duty carving exceeding all expectations. I’m ready to get back into daily Trikking for physical fitness.

  8. Anonymous

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