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This is the new easy way to carve down the slopes. Just jump on and go. An adventure ride that can be enjoyed in the comfort of any waterproof shoe or boot!



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This is the new easy way to carve down the slopes. Just jump on and go. An adventure ride that can be enjoyed in the comfort of any waterproof shoe or boot! No more painful ski boots and bindings. The Skki is equipped with custom, wood-core, shaped skis and generously padded handlebars for ease of control. This is the new free ride machine for beginners or pros. Fun is guaranteed.
The ski blades are easily removed from the vehicle for transport and the frame folds up for easy storage.

Please check with your local ski resort to see if they allow for OA(Open Access) of the Skki. Here’s a list that may be helpful. Trikke Tech will not be responsible for changes in a ski resort’s policy as it applies to the Skki.

The highlights of the 2017 model are:

  •  Upgraded frame construction with v3 cambering components, new front structure and arms.
  • Improved frame geometry and increased cambering range.
  • New deck. The dished surface and grip design has changed for improved comfort and control.
  • The 3 shoes are now made out of aluminum. Previous version was nylon.
  • Ski blades are European made with high performance tuned edges. Previous was China made.
  • Handlebar core is lighter, made out of aluminum, with integrated stem. Previous version was steel with bolted stem.
  • 2017 color scheme is a bright green on glossy black frame and skis.


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Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 18 × 12 in

6 reviews for Skki

  1. Steve Sloan

    I’ve had my Skki Trikke for 2 years now. The most fun I’ve every had skiing. 30 seconds into my first run “I got it” I’ts an easy way to meet people. Everyone ask “what is that”. Easy on the back and knees. I should get paid for all the advertising I’m doing.

  2. santacruztrikketrainer

    I love my Skkis by Trikke. I have several just in case I need a back up. I have been Skking since 2010 and try to get as many days in as I can each season. It’s not easy because I live 4.5 hours from my closest Skki hill. My favourite is riding the Superpipe at Sierra at Tahoe. I enjoy powder when I’m lucky enough to get some. The Skki was easy to learn and I have progressed faster that I could have on conventional skis and am Skking advanced slopes as best I can for a senior Skkier. Love the Skki!

  3. slrkappa

    I can’t say enough good things about the SKKI TRIKKE! I LOVE it. My brother bought two so we could both ride and I am so glad he did. I tried both skiing and snowboarding when I was younger and never really grasped it and was always sore and falling down. Now about 20 years later I am having a blast wishing they made these when I was growing up. I love the fact that you are free skiing…aka not attached by your feet to the equipment which makes getting on/off lifts very easy. After just a few minutes on an easy slope you can master the leaning and turning of the Skki. My Brother and I rode them at Telluride, CO last season and has an amazing time. A couple of the hill Presidents talked with us as they were wondering if we had issues with getting on and off the lifts. We assured them they are very easy. Another huge benefit is that you can wear your favorite boots and actually walk in and out of shops with ease. Feel free to check out my youtube video so you can see for your self.

    • Ana D’Arace

      Thanks for sharing your video! What a cool ride! Glad you liked the Trikke Skki!

  4. J. Earle

    My wife and I just returned from 5 days on the mountain at Winter Park Resort in Colorado with our Trikke Skkis.

    First, I want to tell you that after three days of taking it easy on the Trikke Skkis and really getting the feel of controlling under different conditions and speeds, I took to some long blue and blue/black runs. I always felt in total control, even at pretty high speeds. The Trikke Skki responds so well to weight shift and lean angle that I felt as comfortable as I ever have on regular skis. I stay off the bumps and moguls as they have become too much like work for this 72-year-old, but I’ve rarely had as much fun on skis as I had on my Trikke Skki on this trip.

    Meanwhile my 71-year-old wife took a little longer to get her rhythm and control, but by the end of the 5th day she was very comfortable on the green slopes and looked great. We were all smiles driving home (2-day trip) thinking about how much fun we’d had. I don’t think either of us will ever “ski” again, but we’re planning to keep on “skkiing.”

  5. Kelly E.

    Absolutely wonderful! This gave my husband the ability to ski. With deformities to both his feet and different length legs (his upper legs are different and so are his lower legs (his knees aren’t at the same height) and a lift under one foot that mean he can’t wear ski boots, or even snow board boots, he is able to use a lifted special boot and ski trikke! I though when I married him that I would have to give up skiing. NOPE! He found a prototype at NCSD in Colorado and they helped him learn how to use this. This year we bought a trikke for him and now he’s go – go – go skiing crazy. We are in our 50’s and the ski trikke can be rad for younger fitter people, but the trikke ski is also for adaptive skiing. If you can stand on two feet and walk, even if you can’t use traditional ski equipment there is good chance you can ski trikke. Try it! It changed our lives. Thank you Trikke!

  6. jesse.kindred

    If you have knee problems or your thighs start to burn and hurt while skiing on standard skis then the Trikke Skki is for you. I am 76 years old and have had my Skki for two years. I can now ski all day and my legs and knees never hurt. I can go faster and feel safer than I ever could on regular skis. The transition from skis to the Trikke Skki was super easy. I made one run down the magic carpet easy slope and went straight over to the long mountain lift.
    It is also super easy getting on and off the lifts with a very easy learning curve. When getting on the lift just pull up on the handlebar and rest it on your legs. When getting off the lift just push forward on the handlebar and step on the boards and start skiing.
    I am having more fun on my Trikke Skki than I ever had on regular skis. I’m not a very good skier and was always crashing. Now my crashing has stopped.
    The fact you can just step off your Skki and rest is a big plus vs removing your skis and trying to walk around in stiff boots is wonderful. Plus you can wear any boot that is comfortable, dry and warm. I wear snowboard boots.
    I can’t comment skiing on powder because I just ski on groomed runs.
    I hope this honest review will help you decide if you want a Trikke Skki. When I first saw the videos on these I definitely wanted one.

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