Mirror, rear view with adaptors

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sold individually – can be installed in the current models: new T8 Sport, and all current Electric models: 36v Lite, 36v and 48v.

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Designed with your comfort in mind, it can be attached to either the left or right side of the bar down below the handlebar.

sold individually (1 rear view mirror with 1 adaptor and bolt) – can be installed in the current models: new T8 Sport, and all current Electric models: 36v Lite, 36v and 48v.

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in

3 reviews for Mirror, rear view with adaptors

  1. ged

    So far this rear view mirror is working nicely on my Pon-e 48v Trikke, and the price point is good. I bought two!
    Since it is designed to fit into the end of the cross bar, it seems to be snug and hopefully, it will remain tight.
    One problem I have had using bicycle style mirrors is that they do not hold up to the torque, twisting, and swaying that my Trikke handlebars regularly encounter. As a consequence, they have tended lose their position during the ride. This has not been a problem with these mirrors so far.
    After a couple of week using this mirror, they seem to be holding their position. That is good, time will tell if they maintain.
    I use them most when riding in bike lane, or parallel sidewalk, traveling in the same in the direction as vehicular traffic. I want to know if a car is approaching so I can move over, and if necessary stop my S-curve, so as not to freak out the approaching divers with the S-curve style of travel. I have noticed, when they can, most cars give me a wide berth since they are not sure in which direction I will going next. I also use the mirror when trikking on a sidewalk and need to cross an intersection. I want to make sure I do not enter the street at the same time a car traveling in the same direction that I am is turning right. Knowing ,with a quick glance, if a car is approaching from behind is helpful.

  2. Charles Fitch

    Doesn’t seem to be a way to attach it to the newer (more rugged) Pon-e 2WD handlebars that don’t have the additional lower bar for accessories.

  3. Michael H.

    So these didn’t fit my T12 (should have read the description better), but I made a threaded rod adapter that connected through the lower handlebar tube to the factor aluminum adapters that are included. The mirrors work well and help with safety when riding with traffic. The quality is great and the price was very reasonable (got two).

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