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Celebrate your Freedom with this amazing electric ride. It’s easy, intuitive, and unlike anything else out there. Freedom is a new, agile, and dynamic model–remaining accessible to all. A great hybrid model.





– Patented 3-Wheel Cambering Frame Design
– Spring-Loaded, Quick-Click Frame Folding System
– Progressive, Sine-Wave Controller with Auto Shut-Down
– Direct Drive, Brushless Hubmotor
– Quick-Swap Lithium Ion Battery w/ Removable Key Ignition
– Custom Slick Tires and Dual Rear Brakes
– Super Ergonomic, Adjustable Mini Ape Handlebars
– Twist-and-Go Throttle with Battery Charge Indicator


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Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 18 × 12 in

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9 reviews for Freedom

  1. P Andis

    Just got up and running on my new Trkke Freedom. Lovin’ it

  2. L CHernow

    First, Trikke brought me the gift of returning to physical activity after a long hard health battle fought with drug therapy that transformed my previously fit, marathon-running weight-lifting self into a 200 lb (at 5′ tall) miserably sedentary sad sack. Then, Trikke brought me the joy of fitness and FUN. Next, I became a trainer so I could share the joy with others. Three years after I bought my first T78, I have a “fleet” consisting of nearly every model available, both body-powered only and electric-assist. Love them all. Trikke is my passion and my community! #MyTrikkeFreedom

  3. DH

    This is my 5th trikke. I have a T-67, T-8Air, T-12 and a 48 volt Pon-e. I like the slicks on all 3 wheels. I gives a smooth, quiet ride. The motor is also quiet. There is little throttle delay/lag. It’s size makes it easy to load into my vehicle. If you body power the trikke, your battery could last nearly forever. If I were to own only one trikke, the Freedom would be the one.

  4. milesdantegealta

    You will not regret buying the freedom it says it in the name I’ve ridden a few diff models an nothing charges like this one. Being so light weight makes carving and trick riding for those more into the freestyle aspect insanely fun an if your just cruising around town it folds up so easy just carry it anywhere u want. I’d recommend one to anyone.

  5. F. Rolek

    I just want to say that Gildo Beleski has knocked it out of the park again with the new “Freedom” Trikke. As much fun as I’ve had over the years with the T12; this improves the fun factor. At first I thought that this Trikke looked too small and filmsy to be a piece of equipment that would work for a 200lb guy like me. When I was carving at 11mi/hr against a 20mi/hr wind at Ocean Beach in SF yesterday, I was blown way. This is the little red machine that could. On the flat surfaces it averages 13-15 mi/hr. Best early Xmas present ever!

  6. G Miller

    I use my Freedom for exercise all the time. I only use the motor on steep and/or long hills as an assist after I start getting tired. I get over 25 miles per charge that way. I’ve never run the battery all the way down, so I’m not sure how much farther I might be able to go. You can leave the battery off if you just want the exercise and save a few pounds that way. I also have a T78CS. The non-powered performance is similar.

  7. Fredric

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  9. Kevin M.

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