For the next stop in our periodic segment highlighting Trikke Tours the world over, we travel to Raleigh, North Carolina, home of Carolina Touring Company (former Triangle Glides), which after 10 years in operation, has firmly decided that touring the city on a three-wheel light electric vehicle provides for a more engaging experience than touring on a Segway. Here’s what else your Carolina Touring tour guides had to say about their tours in our Q&A:


Q: What are the advantages of taking a Trikke tour, as opposed to other kinds of tours?
A: We operated Segway tours for 10 years and we find that Trikkes are not only easier to learn how to ride, but they are genuinely more fun! The Segway is very linear and typically travels in a straight line from point A to B. However, gliding on a Trikke offers a more active and dynamic touring experience, so you feel more connected to your environment.


Q: What kind of people are best suited for Trikke tours?
A: Anyone with a spirit for adventure! Almost anyone can learn to ride an electric Trikke.


“A favorite activity for our groups is our signature Trikke Treasure Hunts … it’s a blast!”




Q: What are some of the things people might see on a Trikke tour that they might not see on other tours of Raleigh?
A: When you’re on an electric Trikke, you can go much farther than you can on a walking tour, but with the same ability to get up close to landmarks, just like you could on foot. It’s the best of both worlds!





Q: What kinds of reactions do you get from people who have been on your Trikke tour?
A: The feedback from our Trikke guests has been phenomenal. We switched over from Segways to Trikkes a year ago and overwhelmingly, our guests have said they like it better than the Segways. It’s just a more fun and active experience that keeps you continually engaged.


Q: Are Trikke tours good for groups or organizations?
A: Absolutely! Our tours attract a lot of corporate groups. Riding a Trikke makes for a great team-building activity because it’s new and different for most people, so there’s a feeling of accomplishment and excitement. A favorite activity for our groups is our signature Trikke Treasure Hunts, which combine solving clues, finding hidden treasure caches, and riding from point to point on the Trikkes while being led by our expert guides. It’s a blast!


Q: What are some of your favorite stops along your Trikke tour?
A: We offer six different Trikke tours in our downtown Raleigh location, so even if you’ve taken a tour with us before, you can come back and experience a whole different tour next time. Some highlights include the North Carolina State Capitol, the Governor’s Mansion, the historic district of Oakwood and our trendy Warehouse District.


Q: How old do you have to be to go on a Trikke tour?
A: The minimum age on our Trikke tours is 14 years old.


Q: Anything else you would like to add about Carolina Touring Company?
A: We take pride in being the very first Trikke tour company in the world to offer the new Trikke 2WD electric model for touring. As a company, we’re always seeking out the most innovative forms of touring, and Trikke is it! So if you want to try something new that’ll get you outdoors and discovering new things and cool stories of historic Raleigh, come on out and join one of our tours! Our tours include hands-on training, live narration and audio for each guest, plus we offer the convenience of online booking from our website.


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