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Trikke’s carving vehicles are fitness success stories. The ride engages your entire body, blending your body’s energy with the vehicle’s dynamics. And with a hybrid design, you can help with your body movement whenever you feel like. The effort level is always under your control.

Trikke electric commuter

Trikke’s carving vehicles are fitness success stories. The ride engages your entire body, blending your body’s energy with the vehicle’s dynamics. And with a hybrid design, the Trikke EV can be propelled by your body alone. The effort level is always under your control.


Just hop on the Trikke EV, start it up, and whisk away. Plus, while stopped, there’s no need to step off the Trikke EV. Need to park? The Trikke EV’s lightweight and foldable frame means more storage options (or just carry it with you).

The Trikke EV produces zero emissions and reduces traffic congestion. You’ll be feeling great about your new ride and contributing to a cleaner, better planet.
The Trikke EV is the most user-friendly, light electric mobility solution on the market. Riding one is easier than walking. And its extremely portable at only 42lbs. Toss a couple into the back of your car for further adventuring, or easily bring them aboard metro trains or boats.


It’s easy to cover the distance thanks to the Panasonic lithium-ion battery that runs up to 24 miles on a single charge(48v model). You can also quick swap the batteries to run even longer.
The Trikke EV has no gear shifter, no derailleur, no sprockets, no chain, no pedal, no seat, and–even better–no greasy parts. So there’s less to maintain and much less could go wrong.
Beyond the cool and fun factors, the Trikke EV has at least 50% more maneuverability than an e-bike, with higher speed cornering and veering, and improved safety.

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Trikke vs. Bike


Bikes have dominated the world for around 150 years, with many of us learning to ride them as kids. Maybe it’s only natural that, when choosing a personal electric vehicle (PEV), an electric bike comes to mind first. But is it the smartest choice? The greenest? The healthiest?

PEVs are reshaping transportation on a global scale, providing cleaner, more affordable, and more efficient mobility. While relatively new, the battery-powered, three-wheeled Trikke blends outstanding function, performance, and design. When you break it down, the electric Trikke is leaps and bounds beyond the electric bike:


A Trikke easily surpasses a bike’s cornering ability, reaction time, high-speed cornering and swerving –all of which means improved safety. Trikke maneuverability is at least 50% superior than a bicycle.


Riding while standing up is a far more natural position, keeping the spine properly aligned and supporting your legs (think of them as human shock absorbers). Oh, and your upper body stays firmly engaged, too, in case you thought we’d forgotten about that. Plus, there’s no seat to hit your spine or cause numbness.


The Trikke LEV has far less to maintain, meaning far less could go wrong. No gear shifter, derailleur, sprockets, chain, pedals, or seat. And no greasy parts to fiddle with. That’s a win!


Trikke EV is quickly folded down for transport, without having to remove or wrangle any pieces. You can easily toss two or three into the back of an average car.


Just hop on and go! Getting on and off is simplicity itself, and you can stay on even when at a full stop. Park anywhere and carry the lightweight, portable frame with you wherever you need.


On the Trikke LEV because you are in a standing, active-riding position at all times using your God-given shock-absorbers (your legs) on each turn. No direct impact on the rider’s spine, no numbness or else.


When it comes to fitness, the Trikke active riding experience engages the whole body. As a hybrid design, the Trikke LEV can also be propelled with your body. How much do you want to exercise? That’s totally up to you!


Ever wanted to ski on pavement? Whether making a beeline, veering slightly, or indulging in some deep carving, you’ll be having the joy ride of the century. Think of it like “yoga on wheels,” just without the mat.